• Director Desk


    In today’s competitive world, the young minds are never at rest and are keen to look for new opportunities in their Education & Career. The accessibility to international market and rapid Globalization is the reason behind the same. With the swift innovation and growth in the fashion industry, the fashion education is fast picked up as an option with the students’ these days. The wondrous output in this is an early placement and a very steady career growth, as there is a dearth of professionals in the commercial side of fashion industry.

    IIFT as an institute is filling the gap for the fashion industry with the academic excellence as we can proudly say that today our Students are well placed with top most companies and our alumni also include the new generation Entrepreneurs in the fashion Market.

    Being the Executive Director of one of the prestigious institute in Fashion Education I congratulate all the young aspirants who have chosen this field and welcome them to a world of creativity, innovation, design, fashion and exploration.